28537006_10215722505801495_1204836707_nElly is a New York based communications strategist and writer with a passion for advocacy, culture, and media. Her focus is on creative work in media, and in non-profit and advocacy-centered communications. She has worked at organizations focused on social change and human rights such as The Forum for Youth Investment, The Fresh Air Fund, Camino Public Relations, and PEN America.

She is most passionate about women’s rights, reproductive health, human rights, youth development, mental health, advocacy for the LGBTQIA community, immigration, and advocacy for sexual assault survivors. She’s extremely motivated to use strategic communications and storytelling for spreading hope and progressive social change, whether through writing or digital media, and is a regular contributor to Teen Vogue and BUST Magazine, among other outlets.

Elly can often be found drinking intense amounts of coffee while attempting to read five books at once, or spending time at her friends’ apartments hanging out with their pet cats. In any spare time she can find, she most enjoys exploring everything New York City and its boroughs have to offer, including going to spoken word poetry shows, literary events, and museums. She also gets a kick out of cooking new recipes and pretending she is competing on a Food Network show.

Elly is currently the Content and Engagement Strategist for SparkAction in New York City where she works to effect social change through narrative, storybuilding, and community outreach. She is also a freelance communications consultant, writer and reporter. Elly is always seeking new opportunities to write about the things she most cares about for both digital and print.

Find her on social at
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