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This Project Shows You the Harsh Realities of Being a Teen Prisoner – Teen Vogue
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Women of the ACLU: A Centennial Celebration (centerfold, originally in print, winter 2020) – ACLU Magazine
Biphobia in Medical Spaces Makes Getting Mental and Physical Health Care that Much Harder for Bisexual People – Well+Good
White People Need to Hold Other White People Accountable When it Comes to RacismTeen Vogue
These Young People Want to Tell You About Their Abortions – Teen Vogue 
Bystander Intervention Can Stop Sexual Assault Before it Happens: a Guide  – Teen Vogue 
Small Presses Publish the Revolution at the Socialism Conference 2019 Publisher’s Weekly
In NYC, Students Tackle Cyber Threats — and the Digital Gender Divide – SparkAction


How Tarot Cards Help Me When I’m Feeling Really, Really Uncertain – Greatist
These Queer Couples U-Hauled During COVID-19. Did They Move Too Fast?NewNowNext
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For Queer Arts Leaders, the Personal is Professional: Beatrice Thomas and Kevin Seaman on Art, Equity and Showing up WholeLeaderStories
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How This Writer Is Using Her Platform To Help Navajo People During COVID-19 – Refinery29
Sir Babygirl Wants You to Feel the Extremes – Vinyl Me, Please
Molly Bernard is Finally HomePlayboy
Sol Flores Wants to Be a Woman of Color in Congress – Teen Vogue 

Cultural Critique

Nancy Pelosi Forgot That It’s Possible To Criticize Trump Without Fat ShamingRefinery29
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“Is Harry Styles Queer?” Is the Wrong Question to AskBitch Media
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How Nude Selfies Made Me A Better Friend to Myself and Others – Greatist
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